its numbers o'clock

Cutting and dyeing my hair for a costumed play sounded like a good idea at the time,

No, I mean like did you watch anime as a kid/teenager or did you get into it when you became a teacher?

OH — No. A student wanted me to go to an anime club meeting with her so I went. And it was fun so the rest is history. Which is hilarious because I teach math HA! HA! HA’

Were you always an anime fan or is this something new?

I was Rei Ryugazaki as an M!A like a year ago.

*daddy kink intensifies*

This is outrageous


You’re just mad because now I am the ULTIMATE DAD!!!!!!!

the hell

Go home

I didn’t have a wig,

I didn’t have a wig,

2spookyteen replied to your post: anonymous said:Does that mean.. i…

The Ground Zero of otter memes

THIS is a VINTAGE meme!!!! Straight from the 90s kiddo!!!!

Excuse me do you have the time, excuse me do you have the t-t-time time

Is this one of those “memes” you kiddos keep talking about

Does that mean.. its for people who break wind a lot... are you trying tO PASS GAS INCOGNITO